Paper Cup Printing | Plastic Cup Printing Malaysia

Paper Cup Printing | Plastic Cup Printing Malaysia

Everywhere around logos, designs and art shows up and comes out of the woodwork using a modernized version of an older technology. Screen printing is a helpful way to expose a company name and/or logo to the public. Screen printing on paper cups or plastic cups originally started out using silk as a medium but has since moved on to using stretched porous, finely woven nylon or polyester fabrics, with carefully stenciled designs, and delightful creations take form and come to life. From many of Andy Warhol's famous works to such commonly used items as T-shirts and hats the practice of stretching a fabric and laying out a non-permeable material to cover areas of the fabric to be unaffected by dyes has created influential and marketable works of art. This inexpensive form of advertising creates a wide range of possibilities for a company to establish itself in the market, or for an already established company to gain great recognition.

With a great flexibility and range of uses across different platforms and materials, screen printing on paper cups or plastic cups has become a widely accepted form of pseudo-media. With uses varying from textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, glass, and plastic, there is not much screen printing cannot accomplish. It remains apparent that screen printing is evident in all walks of life. It is impossible to walk down the street and not see hundreds of screen printed items on a daily basis. Everything from soda bottles, to T-shirts, to coffee cups, and cars are all screen printed. With such a wide array of uses, screen printing also has many different techniques for being accomplished.

The most common for of screen printing on paper cups or plastic cups known as photographic emulsion. Simply put, photographic emulsion is a process whereby a photosensitive substance is hardened and subjected to ultraviolet light, using the desired stenciled design, the monochromatic design is transferred onto the vehicle such as the ones listed above (textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, glass, and plastic).The process is completed by rinsing away the excess emulsion that was not hardened by the light in either water, or solvent. In the end, it leaves only the desired screen printed image on the medium. Screen printing has grown into great popularity to brand our everyday household items, and familiarize us with famous commercial brands as well.

Every time we put on a T-shirt or use a coffee mug, we are using a product of screen paper cups or plastic cups printing, which has brought artwork and advertising to the masses. Banners, logos, graphics, and art have all been created and replicated countless times as a result of this revised technology. Since the development of screen printing and the evolution away from silk, the technology has improved to include photographic printing processes to create works of art, namely those of Andy Warhol (mentioned above). This technology continues to bring familiar household names into our lives and beautiful works of art into our hearts. Although using a harsh and abrasive chemical process, the end result is one to warm the hearts and minds of past generations and futures generations of innovators.

The 2 most common types of paper cups are single and double wall cups. Single wall cups are best for the average cold drink. You can put pretty much anything in there and it will hold it effectively for the customer. On the other manage, double wall variations benefit hot beverages. The double wall helps keep the beverage warm and is normally used in paper coffee cups.

It is beneficial to have a little of each kind of these cups so that you never ever need to stress over going out when a busy streak needs to strike at your company. If you are seeking to get your company out there you may want to think about getting some coupon cups that you can use on particular days. These kinds of cups allow you to offer your clients special promotions, which will motivate them to come back and enjoy your items regularly. Getting fantastic voucher cups can be a genuine difficulty sometimes, unless you have a respectable source that you buy from on a consistent basis, you are going to require to discover a specialized vendor to help you get the perfect coupon cups.

Printed paper cups are crucial for companies that use food and beverages. If you have hot drinks, paper coffee cups can have a huge influence on whether people want your hot drinks or not, plus you do not wish to mistakenly burn your customer!

Here at StarNet Packaging we offer all of the best paper cups packaging printing in the marketplace, and you can include custom designs to make your cups genuinely one of a kind. Let us help you with anything you need by hitting the Contact Us or Start Shopping button.

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