Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Tableware

When planning for a party there is always the question of what kind of tableware should be used. This is especially true when planning for a baby shower party where the opinion of the new mother-to-be is critical. There are really some who will not object to using disposable forks and spoons for baby shower tableware and then there are those who are adamantly against it. Here are some pros and cons to using disposable tableware. Pros One – It Read More

Benefits of Recycled Paper Bags

Paper bags have come a long way, from flimsy and frail materials, to durable containers. There are different kinds varying in size, shape, design, bag handle and colour. The process in which they are produced and the type of paper from which these bags are made also differ. Recycled paper bags are a popular variety, that boast of resilience and water resistance. These eco-friendly bags have been the better option for retail bagging for some time now. More and more Read More

The Benefits of Using Disposable Cups

Paper cups are ideal when one is on the go. There are many advantages to choosing paper cups over plastic and Styrofoam. Paper Cups – Advantages First of all, paper cups are microwave safe. They are environmentally friendly and come at a reasonable cost. Most paper cups and other accessories are made of natural substances, meaning that they are recyclable, and therefore are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Studies show that paper is the leading material that Read More

Using Paper Cups for Hot Drinks

A common question we frequently get asked which cups we would recommend to our customers; this is a tricky question as it depends on the heat of drink you intend to use. We stock a wide range of items from single-wall plain paper cups, to our latest triple wall ‘Ultimate’ hot cups. The primary difference is the insulating properties of the specific cup type. Our Plain White or Mocha Single wall hot cups are perfect for warm drinks; however piping Read More

Disposable Tableware, Plastic and Paper Plates

It will be great to see biodegradable and eco friendly disposable tableware in use by all of us. This article will be talking about my all-time favorite color, the color green. Green as in environmentally friendly, eco friendly, good for the planet, and non-polluting. The season for celebrations is here and will continue on through December and onwards. We are all going to be throwing, going, and having parties to celebrate with friends, associates, customers, and family. All these celebrations Read More